Fulfilling the promises of the coolest consumer technology

Sonic Low Voltage

We’re in the business of fulfilling the promises of the coolest consumer technology, especially with music, movies and computers. We’re in the Fun business. We’re also very sophisticated when it comes to advanced residential telephony, security and environmental control.

We don’t just sell great TV’s, stereos and home controls. We design and install all the applications that use them. We’re like getting really cool new technology toys to work right out of the box without having to read instructions. Want to see your laptop on your flat screen without a mess of wires? Want to have all your stuff on a Media Server without any hassle and have it sound as good as your old turntable? We do all that and much more.

At SLV we are passionate about what we do. We are ambitious to solve the challenges of your project and we recognize that everything we do depends on how impressed you are with our work after we’ve left.

Smart home

Low Voltage Wiring

Technology today is expanding across all parts of the home at a rapid pace, embracing more equipment and evolving new capabilities. The wiring in your home that ties it all together is a critical component, which must be able to keep up with rapidly increasing demands into the future. Structured wiring is a carefully planned implementation of all the network and control wiring running through the walls of your house, from a main location to all devices and control points.

Audio / Video

An audio/video system that plays throughout the house has been one of the most popular requests from homeowners for many years. In the past, this meant the same selection in every room with no way to change it or adjust the volume. Today we can offer solutions that are flexible – listen to Pandora Internet Radio in the kitchen, your iTunes collection in the bedroom, and the big game in your entertainment room, each with individual volume control to satisfy the audience.

Home Theater

The primary purpose of a media room, or any room with a surround sound system, is to give the audience an experience just as the artist intended.  We can design a custom surround sound solution with five or seven high quality speakers and a powerful subwoofer placed unobtrusively in the room so your listening environment can sound like you’re tucked into that intimate club or right up front in the theater.

Smart Home Solutions

Climate control is more than just setting your thermostat – it’s a way to save money on energy costs while staying as comfortable as possible in your home. A properly configured climate control system manages your home’s heating and cooling systems for individual floors, zones, or rooms based on how you use them, and integrates with your motorized shading or humidity controls so they can assist in maintaining your comfort while reducing your costs.

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Home Theater

Your Smart Home Solution

Let us exceed your expectations with a smart home solution that is second to none!

Sonic Low Voltage is a team of trained professionals whose purpose is to integrate lifestyle enhancing technology into discriminating customer’s homes. We deliver innovative and proven technology for intuitive operation of home control and media systems that provide an impressive esthetic impact, intuitive trouble-free operation, and only as much technological sophistication as is requested. Our goal is to provide systems and experiences that exceed expectations and result in strong referrals.

Our Services


Our Design Team will provide a complete needs analysis documenting your goals, objectives, and requirements so your custom technology solution is architected specific to your lifestyle. This process is a critical step in making 100% sure that your system is stable, fully functional, and easy to operate.


During the “rough in” phase our technicians will install the low voltage panel, pull wire throughout the home, install central vac pipe, configure speaker rings, and prepare the house making it ready for drywall so your builder can hit their timelines.  During the “trim phase” we will install the speakers, apply the wall plates, and ensure that your builder is compliant and ready for inspection.


Once installation is complete, we will schedule time to educate you and your family on how the system works. Of course if should have questions or need technical assistance our Certified Service Technicians can fix common issues remotely or if necessary we will expedite a scheduled visit to your home to make sure your system is stable and up and running.

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