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No more running from room to room just to turn off the lights or to start a Blu-ray movie. Just touch a single button and all of your homes’ electronic systems are at your command. From anywhere in your home you can access music, lights, heating, air conditioning, security cameras: all from an elegant touchpanel, handheld remote, or even Smart Phone/Tablet!

Press one button and your theater turns on to your favorite movie, the lights dim, the curtains open, and the sound perfectly adjusts to your selection. We consolidate the operation of all of your home electronic systems – entertainment, lighting, climate, and window treatments. We remove all the complications and make your system truly easy to operate.

Sonic Low Voltage prides itself on having one of the most skilled programming teams around, with a skill level advanced enough for even the most complicated systems. This ensures your system is as pleasurable and easy to operate as it is to experience.

Low Voltage Wiring

Technology today is expanding across all parts of the home at a rapid pace, embracing more equipment and evolving new capabilities. The wiring in your home that ties it all together is a critical component, which must be able to keep up with rapidly increasing demands into the future. Structured wiring is a carefully planned implementation of all the network and control wiring running through the walls of your house, from a main location to all devices and control points.

Audio / Video

An audio/video system that plays throughout the house has been one of the most popular requests from homeowners for many years. In the past, this meant the same selection in every room with no way to change it or adjust the volume. Today we can offer solutions that are flexible – listen to Pandora Internet Radio in the kitchen, your iTunes collection in the bedroom, and the big game in your entertainment room, each with individual volume control to satisfy the audience.

Home Theater

The primary purpose of a media room, or any room with a surround sound system, is to give the audience an experience just as the artist intended.  We can design a custom surround sound solution with five or seven high quality speakers and a powerful subwoofer placed unobtrusively in the room so your listening environment can sound like you’re tucked into that intimate club or right up front in the theater.

Smart Home Solutions

Climate control is more than just setting your thermostat – it’s a way to save money on energy costs while staying as comfortable as possible in your home. A properly configured climate control system manages your home’s heating and cooling systems for individual floors, zones, or rooms based on how you use them, and integrates with your motorized shading or humidity controls so they can assist in maintaining your comfort while reducing your costs.

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